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public pulpit, 2020

public pulpit is an installation composed of the junction of three stairs that meet on a single platform, with four fixed sound devices (megaphones). the stairs, each arranged in a single direction, symbolize paths that come from different geographical orientations and join a common platform.

installation, various dimensions

Maré de Matos_Púpito Público_3M_003.jpg

representing the encounter, the differences and the multiple paths, the work, through its possible activation, evokes the plurality of voices.

thought out from these possible relations, its use makes it a space for sharing speech, celebrating differences, as a fundamental right.

the installation calls into question the pulpit as a sculptural element activated exclusively by orators, representatives of the word of god, or still often used by important figures in ceremonies and political speeches, since it invites the audience to assume the space of protagonism of their own speech.

activation of the public pulpit at the afro-brazil museum, 2021

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