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tools, 2021

imagine tool

37 x 13 x 8 cm

persist tool

38 x 16 x 1 cm

210419-Lume-ph Ana Pigosso-2-web.jpg

tools' is an alphabet of sculptures created from a dream I had. in my delirium of hope, there were tools with handles that, when held, had the power to transport and suggest solutions to the crises that surround us. thus, the tool 'to question' planted doubt right in the middle of certainties, and 'to walk' brought guidance in unpredictability. they are tools of iron and dream for a world with few resources of poetry.

210419-Lume-ph Ana Pigosso-3-web_edited.

questioning tool

35 x 6 cm

walking tool

45 x 12 cm

rescue tool

36 x 7 cm

return tool

35 x 12 cm

ph. ana pigosso

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