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more birth than death, 2021

in this work, birth (life) has diversity and polyculture as a symbol, materialized from sandalwood, sodalite, wood and the polychrome of lines. death, in these terms, has its monoculture presented from a state of monochrome.


in the territory in which we live (where, for the first time in Brazilian history, more people have died than were born), how to politically articulate a condition of living well as a counterpoint to necropolitics?

220217-Lume-ph Ana Pigosso-21-hr.jpg
211007-Lume-ph Ana Pigosso-25-hr.jpg
211007-Lume-ph Ana Pigosso-24-web.jpg

embroidery and sewing on fabric (diptych)

125 x 71 cm | 174 x 93 cm

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