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on the chest pier, 2022

on the pier.jpg

on the chest pier It is a book of poetry written during my ˜black’ journey between Minas-Recife-São Paulo. Organized into 4 chapters (island, rudder, boat, archipelago), the poems move from a space of investigation and self-fiction (island), to the encounter with other islands as a public vocation (archipelago). 

〰️〰️ blackness, diaspora, sensitive resource, opacity, pitch, non-human wisdom, ruin, civilization, detachment, territory, border, are devices 'on the pier of the chest'. 

on the chest pier, 104 pages, 11.5x15.5 cm
editorial coordination: leo
graphic design: leo and tide of matos
graphic production: jupiter91
publisher: margin press
typographic composition/cover and visual poem: flávio oliveira (flos).

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